Update 4.1.3.

This Gods and Glory update brings the following changes:


Terrifying beings have swamped the global map! The evil invaders have come from the Dark Dimension to assault the kingdoms, and you can't defeat them on your own. Join forces with your allies to attack the invaders, and hurry to fend them off in this new type of special event. It will soon be available in the game!

• You'll need Dark Energy to attack the invaders.
• The number of invaders is limited in each kingdom. If all of the invaders are destroyed, all of the rulers will get a global bonus.
• Hurry up! If you fail to drive out all of the invaders, their power will spread throughout the kingdom, and all players will get a penalty.


Tricky political maneuvers have become an important part of the world of Gods and Glory. We suggest mighty rulers delve into this sphere of relations with the help of a new option—Diplomacy.

• Every alliance in the game can mark other alliances as allies or enemies.
• Tapping the capital of another alliance opens a special window where you can specify the diplomatic position of your alliance.
• If an alliance is declared an enemy, you can specify additional rivalry options for it: PvP events, bastions, or resources.


Two new classes of edicts have been added to the previously available ones: Alliance and VIP Edicts. As opposed to normal edicts, each of these classes of edicts comes with their own reward line-ups. This way, every player can get higher value rewards for issuing different category edicts. Issuing these new classes of edicts will also yield more points in the relevant events.

You can only issue a VIP Edict while your VIP status is active. Alliance Edicts can only be issued while you are a member of an alliance.


The damage caused by the Minotaur's ability to set fire to enemy characters is now calculated in a different way. Fire deals damage in the amount of 6% of the attack of all Minotaurs in the squad, whereas previously the damage was calculated as 20% of the attack of one unit.


The Bank section has been significantly reworked. Now all useful items are always close at hand! As a result of this update, the Bank now has several tabs: Special Offers, Purchases, and Subscriptions.


• You can now help your allies restore their city via the alliance capital menu at any time.
• Searching for materials in the Forge has been improved. You can now tap the magnifier icon and find materials not only in Dungeons, but also in other locations in the game.
• The button for searching for chests on the map will no longer disappear after you use all of the free lockpicks.

Good luck in battle!

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