Alliance: What do I need it for? What can I do once I join the alliance?.

All players can create and join Alliances — this provides them with certain advantages in the game. Being a part of the Alliance makes the game progress easier and overall game experience becomes more enjoyable.

In order to create or join an Alliance, you need to build an Embassy in your City. Alliance can be public or private (depending on the choice made by the player who created the Alliance) – any player can join public Alliances, while private Alliances require an invitation. Alliance requests can be accepted by the Lord (head of the Alliance) and Banner Bearers.

Each Alliance has its distinctive features:

  • Name Tag (3 characters, a unique code which is placed in front of your nickname, which is the evidence of player being an Alliance member).
  • Alliance flag. Consists of two parts: the cloth (there’s a wide choice of cloths, both free and sold for crystals) and emblem (there’s a wide choice of emblems, both free and sold for crystals).
  • Slogan (optional).
  • Description (optional).

Maximum number of players in the Alliance is 70.

After joining the Alliance the following features become available to players:

  • Alliance chat.
  • Alliance temple – players can summon a God at their Altar only when they are a member of an Alliance (when the player leaves the Alliance their god disappears). Alliance temple also serves as a place where gods are upgraded.
  • Alliance store – allows players to purchase consumables for Bills (Alliance currency) instead of crystals.
  • Exchange units and resources.
  • Increase the speed of various in-game actions – several times a day Alliance members can help each other to speed up the research/construction or recruitment.
  • A chance to fight for bastions.
  • Help with loading ships in the Port —players can ask up to three types of goods from their Alliance.
  • Gifts for in-game payments of Alliance members.
  • Alliance capital – players can build it and it will increase the sphere of influence.
  • Chance to take part in special Alliance events.

Please note that if all members of the alliance are offline for more than 30 days — the alliance will be automatically destroyed. 

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