Global map: What is a Bastion? How do they work?.
A bastion is a special object that only alliances can capture. After capturing a bastion, resource production in all alliance cities is increased, and the alliance capital receives additional influence points.


Only players with the Knight title or higher can declare a war for a bastion. After a war for a bastion is declared, alliance members must capture all of the bastion’s guard towers within 5 minutes. If they fail to capture a guard tower, they can try again.
The number of capture attempts is calculated according to the following formula: the total number of the guard towers * 1.3 = the number of attempts for capturing all guard towers.
When an alliance tries to capture a bastion, an hour-long timer is started. This timer counts the time left until other alliances can try to capture the bastion, if the previous alliance failed to capture that bastion.


After capturing a bastion, alliance members can send their squads to the guard towers. When a squad arrives at a guard tower, a timer is started. This timer counts the time until the owner of the squad gets a random tablet that can be obtained in the Gift Storage. Players can get a tablet only for one guard tower defense. If they send more than one squad, they still will get only one tablet. The timer duration is 24 hours.
If a player removes their squad from the guard tower, the timer pauses. If the player sends a squad to the guard tower again, the timer continues to count the remaining time. If another player sends their squad to that guard tower, the timer resets and starts counting down from 24 hours until the new guard tower defender gets a tablet.
If a war for the bastion is declared, the timer doesn’t stop until the player’s squad on the guard tower is defeated.
If the alliance that captured a bastion doesn’t send at least one squad to defend a guard tower, they will lose the bastion within 24 hours.
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