Game Communities: What are official guidelines? Why was I banned?.
The following rules were established in order to create a comfortable and friendly environment for all members of the Gods&Glory community.
  • Discipline on the page is maintained by the administrators. There can be situations when your understanding of the rules may differ from that of the Administration; in such a case you can try to persuade the administrators and make them change their mind, but if that doesn’t work out, be prepared: the administrators will adhere to their interpretation of the rules.
  • The administrators of this page have a right to edit any content on the page at their own discretion.
  • Ignorance of these rules does not exempt you from responsibility. Make sure you read the rules in order to avoid any conflicts. Posting a comment and/or sending a message constitutes your acceptance of the rules.
  • The Administration reserves the right to edit and change these rules at its own discretion at any time.


  • Any questions for the game Administration and the development team can be asked via messages or in comments to posts related to the subject of the question. Any questions asked via other sources may be left unanswered and/or removed.
  • We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the game guides before submitting a game-related question.
  • Any comments on news that are not related to the subject matter can be removed.


  • Any statements or other actions that violate any laws or regulations, or that appeal for violation are strictly prohibited.
  • Derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex or sexual preference are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to advertise alcohol, psychotropic, narcotic, and other illegal substances.
  • Swearing, covert swearing (using “@”, “#”, “$” and so forth), as well as insults, provocation, and others are prohibited.
  • We recommend that you avoid using vulgar slang words.
  • All types of advertisements, including websites, forums, services, and other types are prohibited.
  • Flooding: posting the same message or messages that have the same meaning in chat more than 3 times in a row is prohibited.
  • Advertisement and discussion of other projects are prohibited.
  • Public discussion of decisions made by administrators and moderators as well public discussion of these rules is prohibited. All complaints must be sent to
  • Urging other players to abandon the game or not purchase in-game currency, and posting comments that discredit the reputation of the development team are prohibited.


  • Violating any of the above mentioned rules may result in your social network account being banned from the game page.
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