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  • The health, defense, and attack values of Nymph and Dream Fairy have been increased. At the same time, Nymph’s speed has been reduced. The abilities of these units have been reworked as well: now the chance that the abilities of Nymph and Dream Fairy will be triggered at level one is 40%. At the maximum level, the chance that these abilities will be triggered is 70%.
  • Lycan’s attack values have been increased at all levels.
  • The owners of Nymph and Dream Fairy will receive a bundle with acceleration items to compensate for the time they’ll spend on researching these units.


  • To see what units you can obtain, press and hold the icon of the sphere in the Bank menu, in the list of event and league rewards, or in the Store.
  • The level of units that you summon from spheres cannot be lower than the level of your research at the University.
  • If you haven’t summoned any gods, you will receive 0 level units of a random lesser god. If you have researched some of the god units, but do not have any gods at the moment, you will receive units that match the level of your research at the University.


  • If 4 or more squares of an alliance capital’s territories interfere with the territory of another alliance capital, the alliance capital with the lowest number of influence points will be destroyed after 24 hours. If capitals have the same number of points, both alliances will receive a warning that their capitals will be destroyed.
  • There are two ways to avoid the destruction of the capital. The first is to increase the number of influence points by upgrading the Watchtower. The second is to teleport the capital to another place on the map.
  • After the capital is destroyed, the alliance needs to invest resources into building a new capital.
  • You won’t be able to establish a new capital in the square next to another alliance’s capital if your capital’s radius of influence interferes with that of another alliance after all members of your alliance teleport to your territory.


The multipliers that apply to the Port rating points were changed depending on the level of this building. You can view the table with the new multipliers in the Port upgrade menu.


  • The morale penalty for mixed armies has been increased. Now it’s -100 when the armies of two gods are mixed. The unit weight coefficient hasn’t been changed.
  • Celestial Crystals can now be transferred at hero level 40. Previously, this was possible at level 30.
  • If the duration of a statue can be extended with Celestial Aether, an exclamation mark will appear above the statue.
  • When a hero or general is in the city, you can insert gems into their equipment without taking it off them. However, if you enchant or enhance the equipment they’re wearing, it will be taken off them automatically.
  • When the Divine Shield is activated, Valor is no longer produced. When the effect of the Divine Shield disappears, valor can be produced again.
  • Elemental’s ability description was fixed. At the same time, their logic hasn’t been changed.
  • The green icon above the “Edicts” section now shows when no edicts are issued and you have edicts that can be issued.
  • When a Disguise is used at a treasure site, your opponent won’t see the number of instruments you have excavated or the number of instruments remaining at the site.
  • The ability descriptions of some of the generals now contain the exact amount of damage that you can deal with these abilities. At the same time, the mechanics of these abilities haven’t been changed.
  • Mounts flying above a fort or camp will no longer prevent you from opening the menu of the camp or fort during the Battle for the Celestial Citadel.
  • The recipes for some of the enchanted items have been changed. Now they match the enhancement recipes of a similar item with no upgrades.
  • The edict rewards for march accelerations (+25% and +50%) are replaced with those that give +10%. All +25% and +50% march accelerations for the edicts that you have already fulfilled will be waiting for you in the Gift Storage.