Mines: How do they work?.
By attacking mines the player can receive 5 types of resources: gold, wood, stone, stardust, and crystals.
Mines are generated based on the location on the map. The closer to the map center, the higher the level of the mine. After the mine is plundered, it disappears from the map, but it still “exists” in that place for a certain period of time. A new mine appears in the same place on the map only once the cooldown ends, but with a different type of resource.
Mine restoration time:
  • Level 1-3 – 1 min;
  • Level 4-5 – 2 min;
  • Level 6 – 3 min;
  • Level 7-8 – 5 min;
  • Level 9-12 – 7 min.
  • Level 13-16 – 10 min;
  • Level 17-20 – 15 min;
  • Level 21-22 – 20 min;
  • Level 23-24 – 40 min;
  • Level 25-27 – 1 hour;
  • Level 28-30 - 1 hour 20 min. 
Mines with stardust are generated in a random spot on the map, but only on water surfaces. A new mine with stardust will appear depending on the number of captured mines with other resources. On weekdays 1 mine with stardust is generated for 20 fully captured mines, and for 6 during the weekend.
One mine with crystals appears on a random spot on the map for 200 successfully captured mines with resources.
Mines are guarded by defenders. The level of defenders depends on the level of the mine. After a successful attack, the army of defenders is changed. The defenders of mines with crystals always get a buff at the beginning of the battle.
The level of the mines that are in the city’s sphere of influence is either same as that of the city or several levels lower. Please note that this rule applies only to the new mines that appeared after the city was founded. The level of the city doesn’t affect already existing mines.
City level and number of mines:
  • Level 1-5 – 6 mines;
  • Level 6-10– 5 mines;
  • Level 11-15 – 4 mines;
  • Level 16 – 30– 3 mines.
If the cities are located close to each other (e.g., in the alliance territory), and there’s a mine in the borderland between, it’s counted for each city. It means that the closer the cities of the alliance are to each other, the fewer mines there will be per player in the sphere of influence.
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