Research speed bonus: How does it work?.
We're generally receiving a lot of questions about how the bonuses to research speed at the University work and decided to give you some tips that should help you use these bonuses more effectively:
  • Research speed affects ONLY research that was initiated after the activation of the bonus and it is active for the entire duration of the research, regardless of the duration of the bonus activated.
  • The bonuses affect the base research time, which you cannot see because you already have certain bonuses to the research speed active. These can be seen in your Citadel statistics.
  • You can calculate the time that will be reduced by the bonuses as follows: 1. First, you need to find the base research time: Research time at the University * (the value of the bonus from the Citadel statistics +100). The resulting value should be divided by 100. 2. Then you can find out the time reduced by the bonuses.
  • Here’s how it’s calculated: (Base time − Bonus duration*percentage of bonus) / (1 + University level bonus + research speed bonus + VIP bonus)
Example: Let’s assume you’d like to research Civil Engineering (level 2). The bonus to research speed in the Citadel statistics is +110%. Research time, as specified at the University: 13 days 7 hours 56 minutes.
  1. Let’s calculate the base research time: We convert the time into seconds and receive 1,151,760. Then we multiply this value by (110+100), divide by 100, and get 2,418,696 seconds. That’s the base value for the Civil Engineering (level 2) research time.
  2. Now we calculate the bonus: For example, you have an item called “Research speed +100% for 7 days”. We convert 7 days into seconds, and receive 604,800 seconds. Now we insert this value into the second formula: (2,418,696 − 604,800) divided by (1 + 1.1 (percent converted to decimal)). We get 863,760 seconds. That’s the final time of the research after applying the bonus.
Here's the formula once you have the base time figured out:
T = T (base) * 100 / (100 + Sum),
Where: T is new duration; Т (base) - the base duration, i.e. excluding bonuses; Sum - the sum of all bonuses to this duration.
If the research time is less than 7 days, the bonus will be added to the already existing bonuses, because the bonus research provided by the item will affect the research for its entire duration. So the formula will be: Base time / (1 + University level bonus + research speed bonus + VIP bonus + special bonus)
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