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The summer Update is here—let’s see what’s new!


Your alliance is getting its own University! This will allow you to research new technologies together with other members and improve your alliance in various ways.

• Researched alliance technologies grant their perks to all alliance members! You can view all bonuses granted by your alliance technologies by navigating to Citadel > Statistics.
• Alliance technologies work in the same way as regular technologies in your personal University: to progress from one piece of tech to another, you need to research the prior tech to the required level. Alliance technologies can have multiple levels too!
• Before launching alliance research, you need to unlock the tech using resources and tablets. All alliance members can contribute to unlock the tech, much like unlocking Gods in the alliance Temple. Also, contributing to unlocking a piece of alliance tech earns each member credits.
• Alliance research can only be launched by Lords and Bannerman Lords, though any member can speed up the research in progress by using special Alliance Accelerations. Only one piece of alliance research can be active at a time.


As of 4.3, you are now able to combine your additional researchers, workers, and blacksmiths.

Previously, activating several additional researchers in a row caused them to replace one another. Now, their duration will stack up. Keep in mind that you can still use Crystals to extend the duration (by adding extra time to your queue for the required project) as before.


Alliances will now receive appropriate notifications concerning any overlapping borders with other alliances. In particular, if an alliance capital receives a countdown to destruction as a result of overlapping territories, both alliances will receive a notification. Apart from that, the more influential alliance (the one with more influence points) will receive a notification if the countdown stops for the lesser alliance for any reason.


If your Forge has been leveled up to 23, you can now find new craftable items—go ahead and check them out in the game!

You'll be able to find these items more easily thanks to a handy filter that highlights the new craftable items.


New Heroics have been added! Most of the new Heroics will now be available to newer players—guiding them on their path to glory. This means that your current Heroics level may rise a few stages—don’t worry, this means that you won’t need to redo any of your past Heroic deeds.

More advanced players at Citadel Levels 26–30 will also be able to enjoy their share of the new challenging Heroics.


• If you have a Statue of Edicts in your city, you can now finish all available instant edicts with a single button.
• Material chests, gem bags, and mysterious runes are now unpacked instantly when obtained. Don’t worry, this won’t affect any of your current items in the inventory—you can unpack them at any time you choose.
• Solved an issue caused by the loss of army capacity points on the Wall. Previously, changing your General after losing army capacity points (such as when your city skin ends) cleared all troops from the Wall. Now, your troops will be partially preserved—as much as possible.
• New pop-up menu added for solo and alliance events, displaying any changes to your league ranking.
• Resetting Hero skills no longer removes their equipment, though item effects will be disabled. Any disabled items will be highlighted in red.

See you on the fields of glory!