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Catcher is a Fighter class general, excelling in the front line. Strong against Beasts, provides Crowd Control and poison damage.



Mimicry — Forces the Beasts to ignore the Catcher when attacking, as long as there are other targets.

Hunting Net — Grants a 47% chance to cast a net at an enemy, making them skip 1 turn. Beasts are a priority target and take 120% of the basic attack damage.

Poison Strike — Basic attacks poison the enemy for 40% of the basic attack damage for 1 turn.

Snare — Grants a 30% chance to throw a snare at an enemy target, dealing 100% of the basic attack damage. If the enemy is a beast, the snare also reduces the target's speed by 40%.

Predator's Glance — At the start of the battle, all enemy units lose 7% of their defenses. If the enemy army has Beasts in it, all enemy units lose 7% of their speed as well.

Triple Strike — Grants a 25% chance to strike 3 random targets. Doesn't target the enemy rear line while there are units in the front line.



Keep in mind that these abilities can be further improved with Seals of Strength!