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The Righteous One Follow

The Righteous One is a Fighter class general, excelling in the front line. Strong against Demons.



Righteous Power — While alive, the Righteous One prohibits an enemy Demon unit from using their ability. This ability prioritizes Demons directly opposite to the Righteous One.

Mace of Justice — When attacking Demons, deals 140% of the basic attack damage and lowers its morale by 25.

Sacred Shield — At the start of the battle, covers two random allied units with a Sacred Shield, increasing their magic defense by 80% for 1 turn.

Blessing — At the start of the battle, increases army physical defense, magic defense and speed by 7%. This effect is increased to 10% if the enemy army has Demons in it.

Divine Resurrection — Resurrects 50% of the units in the squad killed by the first attack. 

Pillars of Light — Grants a 25% chance to summon Divine Light, dealing 50% of the basic attack damage to all enemy units. Enemy demons take 50% extra damage from this ability.


Keep in mind that these abilities can be further improved with Seals of Strength!