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Keeper of the Dead Fire Follow

Keeper of the Dead Fire is a Ranged class general, excelling as an agile archer in the rear line.



Life Drain — Grants a 70% chance to cast a spell on a random enemy unit, gaining hit points equal to all damage taken by that enemy unit for the next 2 turns.

Devil's Arrow — Basic attacks set the target on fire for 1 turn, dealing 40% of basic attack damage.

Commitment to the Flames — Burns the enemy corpses, restoring 10% health.

Call of the Keeper — Grants a 20% chance to cast the Silence spell on two random enemy units, prohibiting the use of spells and making them attack the Keeper of the Dead Fire for 1 turn.

Through the Shadow — Always dodges the first attack aimed at him.

Wild Fire — Grants a 25% chance to cause an explosion, dealing 60% of basic attack damage to all enemy units.


Keep in mind that these abilities can be further improved with Seals of Strength!