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The Northern Princess is a Battle Mage class general, excelling through supporting her army with Crowd Control and defensive abilities, in the rear line.



Icy Touch — Basic attacks slow the target down by 15% for # turn(s). This effect stacks.

Northern Breath — Grants a 12% chance to freeze 2 enemy squads for 1 turn.

Winter Shield — At the start of the battle, grants two allied units a defensive shield, increasing their physical and magic defense by 20% for 2 turns.

Icy Explosion — Grants a 20% chance to cause an Icy Explosion, dealing 70% damage to the main target and 40% to its adjacent units.

Immunity — Grants a 5% chance to covering herself with impenetrable icy armor, taking no damage.

Icy Storm — Grants a 25% chance to summon a storm, dealing magic damage equal to 60% of basic attack damage to all enemy units.


Keep in mind that these abilities can be further improved with Seals of Strength!