Introduction to Generals.

Generals are battle commanders that can be used to lead your armies alternatively to your Warlord. To find and learn more about your generals in the game, navigate to the Tavern. There is a total of 8 generals regularly available in the game at this time:

- Northern Princess
- The Righteous One
- Wolf Guard
- Satyr Hunter
- Catcher
- Keeper of the Dead Fire
- Renegade
- Night Huntress


Each general has an own class, stats, level, star rating and abilities. We'll go each of these in more detail below.

CLASS — Each general belongs to a specific class, such as Fighter, Battle Mage or Ranger. Classes help determine the stats your general is going to get, their position on the battlefield (front line, rear line), as well as their equippable weapons, strengths and weaknesses. You can learn more about classes by tapping "i" in the Barracks.

STATS — All game units have a range of offensive and defensive stats that determine their proficiency in battle, and generals are no exception.

LEVEL — Just like your warlord (main hero), generals start at level 1 and can advance to level 100 by gaining experience. However, at certain milestones (like 20, 40, 60, etc), you may require to advance your general's star rating first, before you're able to level up further.

STAR RATING — There are a total of five stars each general can have, and each signifies a milestone in their progress, often unlocking abilities or boosting their combat potential. Each general starts with just one star that grants them one ability. Star rating can be upgraded with the Seals of Strength for each specific general.

ABILITIES — Each general has a total of 6 abilities — 1 is available right away, while the other 5 are unlocked gradually as the general gains more stars.

Generals can also be equipped with the same items as your Warlord, excluding the trinkets (miscellaneous / "Other" tab items).

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