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Welcome to the first Gods&Glory Update of Spring 2020!


You probably have plenty of mounts in reserve from having participated in various activities in the game. Some of them come with some outstanding perks that boost marching speed or combat power, whilst others are purely cosmetic. It can be frustrating to choose between them, so we’re now reworking the mounts to allow YOU choose the perks you need! Let’s take a quick tour of the feature.

• There's a new building in your city—the Stables. This building is unique and doesn’t need to be built or upgraded. All of your mounts—whether temporary or permanent—can now be found here, instead of the game Store.
• The Stables allow you to outfit your mounts with the unique perks contained in the amulets. The duration of the effects granted by the amulets, as well as the effects themselves, can vary.
• You can unequip an amulet at any given time, but keep in mind that the amulet will be destroyed when you do so. If the perk granted by the amulet expires, it will remain in the mount slot, but won't grant any bonuses.
• Craft your perfect mount—you are only limited by the number of slots each mount has. For example, you can create an ideal assault mount by outfitting it with amulets that increase the army attack stats.
• Mounts granted by a subscription can also be outfitted with amulets!


Seals of Strengths obtained in Expeditions can now also be used to upgrade your Generals’ abilities, as well as the Generals themselves!

• Each General’s ability is now ranked between 1 and 5.
• To upgrade an ability, you must first unlock it by evolving the General to the required star level.


Not enough chests on the global map for treasure hunting? Keep an eye on the festive events—you'll now be able to find special festive chests with improved rewards and loot tables alongside the regular chests!

You can open them with a new unique item. Stay tuned for future announcements to get more rewards!


Hunting for a specific instrument to enhance your gear? You can now subscribe to push-notifications for your chosen instruments in the monster and instrument Schedule tab.

By default, these notifications are disabled, but you can enable or disable the ones you’re interested in at any given time.


In response to multiple community requests, we’ve revamped the room invites. From now on, players will receive invites that can either be accepted or declined, instead of being added directly to a room straight away. If needed, you can also now add the inviting player to your blacklist to stop the receipt of any further room invites from them.


Players accessing the game via iOS devices can now make use of a new way to log in to the game—via Apple Sign-In. This feature is only available to Apple devices, and we ask that you ensure that your account is correctly linked to a social network at all times for your security.


Many of you might have noticed that some alliances opt to burn down their own capitals to deny a nearby alliance—with a higher count of influence points—the chance to capture their contested territory. Now, capitals can be destroyed even if they have been burned down. These two actions are different, mind you!


• Fixed an issue that caused points not to be scored in Blacksmithing when using instant crafting in the Port to load a ship.
• New default city look for cities at Citadel level 30!
• Fixed an issue that caused incorrect damage calculation when using Magic rings boosting the army attack stats.
• If you forget to claim your rewards for a Season after it ends, you'll no longer lose them, and will be able to collect them in your Gift Storage instead.
• The bastion attack limit is now based on the number of bastions present, regardless of whether they’re occupied or not.

To battle!