The Forge is one of the most important buildings in the game. The higher the level of your Forge, the more items you can create.
All items in the game are divided by three parameters: Strength, Dexterity, and Magic. Red equipment is for warriors, green is for archers, blue for mages.
The equipment affects not only the hero, but can also affect units in your army. Items can be used by generals in the Tavern as well.
There are five sections in the Forge:


This section contain 7 tabs: Weapons, Helmets, Armor, Boots, Shields, Jewelry, Wings.
The "Wings" tab becomes available after building the Aerial Lab module at Forge level 16.
By selecting this or that item in the “Craft” section you’ll see the name of the item, the materials required to craft it and their amount. If you don’t have enough materials, the icon with the missing material is grayed out. Next to the icon of the missing item a magnifying glass appears.
By clicking on it, you’ll see the dungeon where this material can be obtained. Materials can also be obtained from ordinary, rare, ancient, legendary, and divine chests with materials. Chests can be won in events, received for fulfilling certain edicts, and purchased in the store.
To create an item, you’ll need stardust. The required amount will be shown on the icon of the item you want to create. If the amount is shown in red color, it means you don’t have enough stardust.


Almost all items created in the Forge can be enchanted. Enchanting can significantly improve the characteristics of the item and grant special bonuses that affect the whole army under hero’s or general’s command. To enchant an item, you’ll need the item itself, the materials obtained in dungeons, stardust and some Valor. Valor is a special currency that you receive for medals earned in PvP battles.


Synthesis is the process of merging materials to create rarer materials. By tapping the icons of materials you’ll see how many simpler materials you’ll need for synthesis. Keep in mind that synthesis also requires stardust.


All materials you obtain are stored in this section.


Here the players can store the item they create, which the hero or generals currently aren’t wearing. The size of the storage can be increased by purchasing Weapon Racks (in the game store).


This section becomes available after building the Jeweler's Workshop module when the Forge reaches level 12.
Gems are precious stones that can be obtained by completely plundering the opponent’s mine of your level or higher. You can also purchase bags with gems in the game store.
Gems are inserted into items to increase their characteristics. By tapping on a gem you’ll see the bonuses it grants.
This section contains three tabs:
  • Gem insertion.
  • Gem synthesis (allows making higher grade gems by merging low-quality chipped gems and fragments).
  • Gem storage.
The following types of gems can be distinguished:
  1. Chipped gem: +5% to an item characteristic;
  2. Fragment: +10% to an item characteristic;
  3. Whole gem: +15% to an item characteristic.
The color of gems determines the characteristics they modify:
  1. Health – yellow;
  2. Speed – green;
  3. Physical attack – red;
  4. Magic attack – blue;
  5. Physical defense – orange;
  6. Magical defense – purple. 
You can increase only those characteristics that the item initially had BEFORE the gem was inserted.
The gem can be extracted by using tweezers. They can be purchased in the game store.
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