City: What can I do with my city?.

A city occupies one tile on the map. Players can attack each other's cities as far as the lies within the radius of a camp.

The city always bears the name of the player who owns it, the prefix of the alliance that player belongs to, and the level of its citadel.

By tapping on the city, the player can get the following information:

  1. The composition of the garrison's army (cannot be seen in its entirety; to view the whole army, you need to use a special disposable item — Recon)
  2. The city's coordinates (these can be shared with your alliance)
  3. The resources (cannot be seen if the City is outside of the player's area of influence; to view the resources that can be plundered, you need to send a spy to that City)
  4. An ETA of a march in the City (and the possibility to send a march) if the City is outside of the player's area of influence.
  5. The area of influence of the City or that of the alliance if the City is in its territory.

You can defend the city in various ways:

  1. Activate a Shield — the City cannot be attacked for a certain time, but that player cannot play in the PvP mode either; he/she can only use the PvE mode (when attempting to go to the PvP mode, the player is warned that the Shield will disappear). When under the Shield, player's production of Valor pauses during the .
  2. Activate Disguise — the enemies will not be able to learn the composition of that player's army or the amount of their resources, not even by using a spy or disposable items.

Players can teleport their Cities to any unoccupied spot on the map by using special disposable items:

  • The random teleport moves the City to a random unoccupied location on the map
  • The teleport to the alliance capital moves the City into the area of influence of the alliance the player belongs to
  • The teleport moves the player's City to a tile chosen by the player

After a successful attack, the targeted City is protected by a Shield of a short duration. The Shield's duration is determined by the number of attacks against that player and whether that player is currently online or offline.

  • The Shield lasts for 15 minutes after an online player was attacked
  • The Shield lasts for 15 minutes after an offline player was attacked
  • The Shield lasts for 3 hours after an offline player was attacked for the fifth time

When the player protected by the 3-hour Shield signs in to the game, the Shield's duration is automatically set to 15 minutes.

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