Battle: How does a battle system work in Gods&Glory?.

The Gods & Glory combat system is an important feature of the game that makes it unique compared to other MMO strategy games.

The player directly makes tactical decisions in battles that are fought in real time. The choices the player makes can greatly affect the outcome of a battle. Battles are fought automatically and last 10 seconds on average. Combat is turn-based: each unit attacks in its turn.

The battle process consists of two stages: preparation and the battle proper. Preparation is made by the player while the battle is fought automatically.

The opposing parties in combat are called the attacker and the defender. We are going to take a look at combat from the attacker's perspective.


The player selects units, sends a march, and presses the Attack button. Then, the game goes to the combat screen. The player's army is placed on the left and the opponent's army on the right.

The player has two lines (front and back) with slots for groups of their units and their Hero or General.

While being on low levels, you can only use 3 slots on the battlefield (2 in the front line and 1 in the back or vice versa), but that number can be increased to 5 (3 in front, 2 in the back or vice versa) via researches in University.

You can freely drag their characters across the slots to create the most suitable formation.

Also, you can view part of the enemy army or use a special disposable item to view it in its entirety (if that was not done previously). Moreover, the player can increase their army's stats by using disposable boosters.

If the player sees that the situation is hopeless, they can use a disposable item to evade the battle.

When everything is ready, the player presses the Start Battle button.

To speed up the animation, you can use the "x3" button. Players who've purchased a subscription, can accelerate the battle animation by 5.

The Battle

The battle comprises the start, moves and rounds

At the start, starting abilities are used if any of the player's characters or those of the opponent have any.

During a move, a character can perform a certain action:

  • Attack an opponent — priority targets are the closest characters in the corresponding line (front line for melee and back line for ranged attacks).
  • Use an ability — requires a chance to activate (if any) or certain conditions to be met. Some abilities can be used outside of a character's move.

The order of the moves is determined by the characters' speed. The fastest character moves first and the slowest one the last. After all units have made a move, the round ends and the next one begins.

The battle lasts until one of the combatants is left with no characters. That combatant loses the battle.

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