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Update 3.9.0 has brought the following changes to Gods&Glory.


The process of enhancing and upgrading generals was changed significantly. Now, generals can evolve!

  • Evolution of generals is rated with stars. Each star provides enhanced stats and a NEW skill.
  • Each general can get up to five stars and six skills. The first skill is available right away, the others are successively unlocked as you earn new stars.
  • Blessing of generals is canceled. You don't have to spend tablets to get an additional skill anymore.
  • To get a new star, special Seals of Strength are required. Each general has their own type of Seal.


The game now features Expeditions to Distant Lands!

  • A mysterious Portal emerged in your city. It becomes active once you reach Citadel level 11. Through this Portal, you can send your armies to Distant Lands to gain precious treasures.
  • Your army needs to comply with a certain strength requirement to venture on a dangerous journey through the Portal. Units contribute a different number of strength points to the total army strength.
  • Expeditions have different difficulty levels. The higher the level—the cooler the reward! Higher difficulty levels require more army strength.
  • You only have a limited time to get ready for an Expedition! You need to reach the required total army strength before this time expires, otherwise your Expedition won't be sent and, consequently, you won't get any spoils from Distant Lands.
  • Keep in mind that Distant Lands are basically the only source of Seals of Strength, thus sending Expeditions is the primary tool for evolving your generals.
  • Armies sent through the Portal never come back.


The mechanics of getting rewards in solo and alliance events were significantly reworked.

  • Get prizes from EVERY chest you unlock in an event!
  • You don't need to wait till the end of an event to claim your rewards: they will be delivered to your Gift Storage IMMEDIATELY once you unlock a chest!
  • Some changes were made to the rewards in alliance events: an alliance member won't get alliance chest rewards if their personal contribution to the total alliance score doesn't reach a certain event milestone.


Our rulers appreciate festivals when they get a unique opportunity to craft exclusive holiday equipment, so we decided to make this process more convenient.

  • A new section, Special Craft, was added in the Forge to show you the full list of special equipment and their requirements in one place.
  • During festivals, a special sign will be displayed above the Forge so you don’t miss the chance to craft new equipment.
  • The special craft interface is the same as for crafting standard items, except for the timer showing you the period during which this equipment is available for crafting.


For the ruler's convenience, a new Schedule tab was added to the Hunt menu. In this section, you can track when and what instruments are available for extraction. Planning your hunt will be easier this way!


Managing tactics for your Hero is now easier: in the equipment menu, you can now select sets of accessories (from the Other section in the Forge) and change them in just a few taps.

  • Only one set of accessories can be active. While a set is active, the Hero and his army enjoy the full effects of the set.
  • Sets can only be changed when the Hero is in the city.
  • Each set comprises five slots for accessories.


  • Goblin's ability was adjusted a little: it can now affect both Minotaurs and Goblins.
  • Flying units are no longer immune to attacks from under the ground (Destroyer's ability and Stake traps)
  • For fans of tactics, a round indicator was added to the battle screen: each new round begins after all characters have had their turns.
  • The Edicts window was upgraded with a convenient "Claim all" button.
  • Mounts and city skins are now located in separate tabs of the Store.