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Update 3.10.1 Follow


After a significant reworking and having considered all your feedback, an updated XP system was introduced with this game update comprising the best practices of both the old and new XP system.

  • XP is again calculated based on the hit points of units. This way, for example, attacking resource outposts will yield more XP.
  • Bonuses to XP introduced since the transition to the new XP system remain in the game.
  • Levels will be recalculated taking the changes into account: if your level should be higher, it will raise; if lower—it will remain the same.


Also, based on your feedback regarding the previous update, we've revised the requirements for earning prizes in alliance events: the number of personal points required to get an alliance prize will be reduced significantly, which will enable every alliance member to make their contribution and get the desired prize.


The league system was overhauled in the game.

  • As of this update, your individual League in solo events is based on your Citadel level.
  • Alliance leagues are now based on the total Power rating of all alliance members at the time. An alliance’s position can vary depending on its members and their total Power, which means an alliance may advance or drop leagues when players join or leave it depending on their Power rating.
  • Transitioning between leagues will only take place between events. For example, if you rank up while participating in an event, you will only advance to the next League after that event ends. The same applies to alliances: moving from one League to another is only possible between events.


More gifts are on their way to your Kingdom, delivered straight to your castle by mysterious travelers! They will set up camp right beside your Gift Storage in the city, so don't forget to drop by and check if they've got anything for you.


Three new VIP levels were added: hurry to level up to get nice bonuses and advantages in the game.


  • Smart filter was added to the hero/general equipment tab. With this new feature, you will see the items most suited to your character first. For example, for your strength-based warlord or general, you will see the suggested strength items you have available first.
  • To help you arm your hero and generals more effectively, a new Recommended Recipe button was added that takes you from the hero/general equipment tab directly to the recipe of an optimal item in your Forge.
  • You will no longer be able to activate a Valor booster while your city is in the no-valor area on the edge of the map.
  • No more marching to chests on the map! You will only need a lockpick to open a chest from within your city. If you happen to run into a fight while selecting the Random Prize in a chest, you can pick up the army and hero or general that are available in your city at the time.
  • In the game menu, you can find a new Support button that takes you to the Support Center featuring an extensive knowledge base and an option to send a request to our Support Team.