Update 4.0.11.


• Power unleashed: the level cap for warlord and generals has been raised to 120, unlocking even more combat potential for your fearsome battle commanders.
• Summoned Gods can now advance to Level 4 in your alliance Temple, unlocking the ability to upgrade your units to Level XI and XII respectively. To advance, you will need to obtain Legendary Tablets by synthesizing your existing Epic Tablets.
• XI and XII units come with their respective technologies in the University — get a head start in the arms race!


The following units have been reworked/adjusted:

• Ruin Golem has received a new ability: each attack deals additional damage to units adjacent to the main target. Keep in mind that this ability functions similarly to that of the Cyclops, and flying units will thus be immune to damage. To make these changes more viable for the Golem, its base speed has also been raised.
• Dwarf Hermit no longer cancels their attack when casting an ability. Instead, the ability now precedes the attack.
• The probability of Amphibian’s ability no longer equals 100% and can be leveled separately in the University.

We’ve also made several tweaks to existing items:

• Strength and Dexterity Wings abilities can no longer be silenced, same as the ability of the Magic Wings.
• At the same time, the abilities granted by Magic Wings and Keeper of the Dead Fire will no longer be able to burn the bodies of slain Golems.

Happy gaming!

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