Battle for Celestial Citadel.
Every two weeks, a fight for the Celestial Citadel (Mega Goal) begins and lasts for 2 days. The Celestial Citadel coordinates are х: 500 у: 510.
Before a fight for the Celestial Citadel, every player receives a free teleport to the Woods of Wonders (an area near the Mega Goal). If your city is destroyed after teleportation, it is returned to the point from where it was teleported.


  • All alliance members can attack monsters in the Celestial Citadel and earn points. If one player destroys half of a monster squad, the next player will face the rest of that squad.
  • Players get points for destroying monster units. The player who destroys the squad, earns additional points. That is why you should share information about the remaining number of units in a squad with your alliance. This helps your team coordinate to destroy the squad and earn additional points.
  • You cannot recon the Celestial Citadel.
  • Players can attack the Mega Goal as many times as they want.
  • Alliances get the number of points equal to the sum of points earned by all their members. The alliance that has the most points and crosses the required minimum value wins the fight for the Celestial Citadel.


The winner will receive a prize that depends on the number of points earned. Only the members who earned enough individual points to progress through each stage will get the prize. Those who were not actively involved in the fight will not get the prize.


The winning alliance member who earns the most points will become a Kingdom Ruler. This title can be handed over to another player. The Kingdom Ruler selects the form of government and grants titles to players. If all titles are granted, the Kingdom Ruler gets a 50% bonus to stardust production.


The form of government defines the resource production coefficients that are applied to all cities in the kingdom with a level 11 Citadel or higher.
  • Age of Science: +25% to University research speed. Units recruitment time is increased by 25%.
  • Mobilization: EXP gain is decreased by 25%. Units recruitment time is decreased by 25%.
  • Age of Heroes: march speed is increased by 25%. Stardust production decreased by 40%.


During their reign, the Kingdom Ruler grants titles to other players. A title can be granted to any player in the kingdom. Titles cause the following effects:
  • Chieftain—additional experience bonus to all generals and the player’s hero
  • Counselor—increased wood, stone, and gold production
  • Treasurer—increased stardust production
  • Consul—increased march speed
  • Researcher—increased research speed
  • Bannerman—bonus to physical defense of all units
  • Jeweler—increased craft speed in Forge
  • Coward—decreased physical attack of all units
  • Pig herder—decreased stardust production
  • Loafer—decreased wood, stone, and gold production
  • Peasant—decreased speed of recruiting units
  • Shepherd—increased cost of recruiting units
  • Jester—decreased research speed
  • Deserter—decreased march speed
  • Dimwit—decreased craft speed
If the Kingdom Ruler doesn’t distribute all titles, they won’t get the 50% bonus to stardust production. A player can be granted only one title.
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