Update 3.7.0.

Update 3.7.0 contains the following changes:


A new unique building appears in your capital: the Altar of Might! This building enables you to get nice bonuses in the game depending on the number of points of might earned for construction and research at the University. You don't need to construct the Altar of Might: it becomes available automatically when you reach the required Citadel level.

  • Get special levels of Glory by earning points of might: every level of Glory requires a different number of points.
  • The time to get each level of Glory is limited! If the countdown on the timer above the Altar of Might runs out, all Glory levels are reset. If you get a new level, your bonuses are enhanced and you can start earning points for the next level.
  • The points of might that exceed the number required to get a new level are not carried over to the progress bar for getting the next level.
  • Even when at the top level of Glory, remember to score points to stay at the top!


  • Twitter support is disabled. Authorization of all game accounts connected to Twitter is reset to authorization without connection to any social network.
  • During events that involve collecting items in the game, a menu with the activity's description and your progress in it is displayed.
  • More privacy: in the game settings, you can select whether or not to display the profile picture from your social network.
  • Easier navigation on the global map: a special arrow shows where your city is. Tapping the button moves you to your city.
  • Time to craft more: many new equipment items were added for the level 21 Forge!


  • When you demolish a building in your city, the amount of power you lose with demolishing is displayed in the demolition window.
  • A new option was added to the pre-battle window: you can now apply a kit of several Potions of Attack and Defense with a single button.
  • It is now easier to navigate in the storage in your Forge: like in the Craft menu, the storage now has filters for easy search of an equipment item.
  • If you hold a material icon in dungeons, not only the material name is displayed now, but also the amount of this material available in your inventory.
  • If you have enough runes to build a statue, the slots for statues are highlighted.
  • If you want to play a current battle again, you don't need to exit the battle in dungeons: the victory window now features a Replay button for such cases.
  • The game now remembers if you enabled battle acceleration and activates it automatically in the next battle.
  • Bonuses of prize mounts and city skins are displayed in the list of tournament prizes.
  • More valuable gifts are awarded for sending a series of ships!
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