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Valiant heroes!
Welcome to 3.6.5, the next update in the world of Gods&Glory. This time we’ll be focusing on overhauling the Wings mechanics, Monster research and other pleasant changes.


Take to the skies! Aside regular stats, all crafted Wings now come with a unique bonus. Time for some aerial superiority!
Strength Wings will grant a chance to stun your opponent for 1 turn. The higher level your Wings are, the higher the chance to stun!
Let’s take Angelic Wings (Forge level 16) with a 10% chance to stun. On to Dragon’s Wings (Forge level 17), this chance increases to 12%. Crusader’s Wings (Forge level 18) raises this chance to 14%!
Dexterous fighters are all about avoidance, and as such Dexterity Wings have a chance to force an enemy unit to skip a turn, if the said unit attacks the winged hero. Just as in the case before, higher item level means higher chance to trigger the ability.
Let’s go over some examples: Icarus’ Wings (Forge level 16) have a 5% chance, Bladed Wings (Forge level 17) — 6%, whereas the Fallen Angel’s Wings have the highest chance of 7% (available in Forges level 18 and higher).
Magic Wings have a chance to replenish the bearer’s health after an enemy squad is destroyed. Apart from that, it also disables the ability to res these killed units. Let’s say you’re facing a squad of 5 Ogres, and after you kill them, the ability triggers and heals your hero. That means, the enemy hero won’t be able to resurrect them in any way. Quite handy in PvP! Higher item level also translates into higher chance to trigger the ability.
Raven’s Wings (Forge level 16) have a base chance of 12%. Barrier Wings (Forge level 17) have a 13% chance, while the highest chance of 14% goes to Astral Wings (Forge level 18).
The Wings are also affected by the rarity tiers. Just as any other weapon or armor piece, Wings can receive an increased rarity level when crafted: rare, epic or legendary. Each tier has its own buffs, stacking up to a total of four to each item.
Rarity levels have a great impact on character equipment.
As such, rare wings of any class (strength, dexterity, magic) will increase their appropriate stats on all other equipped armor (for example Magic wings will buff other equipped magic items, but won’t affect strength items).
Epic wings of all three types will increase army capacity, while the legendary wings reduce enemy unit hit points, targeting the highest weight unit first as long as the enemy hero or general are alive.
Crafting wings has been simplified! No need to waste any extra effort or resources on lower level items when you want to go for the top pick right away. Fewer requirements means fewer divine reagents wasted on 17 and 18 level wings. Moreover, we’ll send you a gift for your crafting to go smoother: claim your pack of divine materials right now! And craft away!


The update will also introduce a fixed event schedule. As of 3.6.5, weeks not featuring the Battle for Celestial Citadel will start with “the Great Hunt” on Monday. “Resource Gathering” has been cancelled.


“Monsters” research has been simplified: progressing through its techs will be far more fluid thanks to the decreased times and costs.


We are continuing to expand the experience system with the following change: PvP-based XP gains will be increased.
These changes are aimed at affecting player progression on a global scale. As of this update, we will continue monitoring live results on all servers and player feedback is most appreciated!


  • Fixed incorrect stats for the “Voodoo Doll”; physical attack buff has been replaced with a 2.5% buff to army magical attack.
  • Base gear no longer has enchanted bonuses (introduced temporarily with 3.6.1).
  • Fixed the error causing crashes in combat.
  • Changing skills no longer forces the hero to unequip items.