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Collect Trophies for victories over other players to reach the top of the Victory Rating!

  • Trophies can be received ONLY for victory over the CITY of another ruler. Trophies can't be earned in any other type of battles.
  • For defeating the opponent's city, you receive an honorary card specifying the name of the losing player. Defeating one player will earn you one card, which can also be lost, if the player specified on it retaliates upon your city successfully.
  • If your city doesn't withstand the enemy assault, you will receive a defeat card with the name of the player who defeated you. To get rid of this card, you need to break the city defense of the enemy specified on your defeat card!
  • The number of cards forms special ratings. The MORE victory cards you have, the higher your position in the Victory Rating will be. The FEWER defeat cards you have, the higher your position in the Defeat Rating will be.
  • Victory and defeat cards, as well as Victory Rating become available starting from citadel level 10, and the Defeat Rating becomes available starting from citadel level 12.
  • The Hall of Fame has appeared instead of the Achievements section. It displays the player's power, number of medals and ranking points, as well as Hall of Victories and Hall of Defeats.
  • If you don't have a card for victory over a player, you will see a hint about receiving the Trophy when viewing the menu of the enemy city. Keep in mind that you can't receive victory cards for the defeat of the cities of your fellow alliance players.


  • When each new Tournament comes, the Tournament section will appear in the events section.
  • Each Tournament consists of several rounds where the chests earned by a player or an alliance in the series of daily individual or alliance events are taken into account—this depends on the Tournament conditions.
  • For reaching a certain point threshold in the Tournament, players or alliances will receive a gift chest with pleasant rewards.


  • All rewards for ALL achievements were changed. Players who have already earned particular achievements in the past will receive crystals to compensate for the difference between the old rewards and the new rewards
  • The parameters of MOST gear items were increased or decreased. Changes were also made to both the common and enhanced items of ALL players. The bonuses that the enhanced equipment grants to unit characteristics remain unchanged.
  • Also, the crediting of VALOR was increased in all divisions. Advancing to the high-level Divisions and receiving Valor will become easier! First of all, now you will receive MORE medals for victories on average and lose FEWER medals for defeats.
  • Introduced areas where Valor is accumulated: on the edges of the kingdom map, Valor will not be produced in your city, yet, in the Woods of Wonders, Valor production is increased to 110%, and to 100% on the rest of the map. The minimap will contain details about these areas. Alliance leaders will receive an alliance teleport and alliance members will receive a teleport to the alliance capital.
  • The reduction of Valor production in certain areas on the map also affects active bonuses to Valor production. For instance, regardless of the bonus you have, Valor production will be 0% on the edges of the map.


  • The title of King will give you new bonuses: city capacity +200%, unit recruitment speed +50%, and march speed +50%.
  • If your alliance capital is at risk of being destroyed, a destruction timer will appear above your capital.
  • Changed the cost of a Fortune's Wheel spin in the Port.
  • You will earn 475 points instead of 420 points for crafting items with Forge level 20 in their requirements during the “Blacksmithing” event.