Morale: What is it? How does it affect battles?.
Morale affects the attack and it’s 0 by default (without penalties or bonuses).
Morale can vary between -500 and +500. It is displayed as an eagle icon (1-2 eagles):
  • Wings down – negative morale;
  • Wings at the head level – zero morale;
  • Raised wings – positive morale.
The effect of the positive morale is calculated based on the following formula: bonusATK=(100 * m / 500)
The effect of the negative morale is calculated based on the following formula: bonusATK= 100 * 500 / (500 - m) - 100
As a result you’ll receive a value expressed as a percentage.
A penalty to morale for mixed armies consists of a fixed part and a part that depends on the army weight:
  • The fixed part is -55 when armies of two gods are mixed; -110 when armies of three gods are mixed, and so forth.
  • The part that depends on the army weight is calculated in the following way: x = -400*(y/total weight of the squad), where y is a total weight of the units of the god that has the lowest share in the army (based on weight).
For instance, an army that consists of 10 Demons of Gluttony, 1 Imp, 5 Stranglers and 10 Swordsmen: Goddess of Sin weight = 10*4 + 1*1 = 41 God of Feasts weight = 5*4 = 20. Since 20<41, then y = 20.
Please note that the morale of the army that defends the Wall is affected by several types of traps:
  • Banners increase the morale of those defending by 10 points per trap.
  • Heads on pikes decrease the morale of attackers by 10 points per trap.
The garrison morale is also increased by the Hero’s ability called “Nowhere to Retreat”: while at the Wall, the Hero raises the garrison’s morale by 100 points.
If you use these bonuses wisely, that will definitely help you to increase the combat capabilities of your army.
Experiment and win!
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