Deepsea Corps FAQ.

Event Entrance

  • Entrance: Event Icon, Information Board, and the Alliance Turret Building in the Alliance.


Event Process

(1)Event Overview

  • Repairing the Alliance Building – Alliance Turret, after which can the Alliance enter the event. The amount of the stationed troops and the number of marching troops available to station can be increased by upgrading the building.
  • Deepsea Corps Event is a periodic Alliance event carried out circularly based on fixed days.
  • Members of the Alliance can vote on the event time in the pre-launch phase. The result will be the time when the Alliance enters the event.
  • Each member assigns the defense team in their own “Alliance Turret” to fight against multiple attacks from the Deepsea Corps.

(2)Battlefield Registration


  • Each period lasts 2 days in total and is divided into two phases, the registration phase and the official start phase, each lasting one day.
  • The registration ends at 24:00 (UTC) on the day.
  • All members of the Alliance can enter the event at the official start time after the event begins.
  • The system randomly selects several servers of the same type as a group. Several Alliances of the same server and the same division will be sorted into one matching group.

(3)Battle Mechanism


  • Each member of the alliance is independent. Set up troops to station the Alliance Turret on the page, similar to Arena.
  • The Deepsea Corps force 10 rounds of attacks, each round lasts for 1.5 minutes. There are 30 seconds between rounds for settlement.
  • The Deepsea Corps Troops are created by the system and can be learned by checking the Sentinel warning in your mail to know the configuration of the attacking troops. The configuration varies in different rounds, and each kind of configuration only appears once.
  • The event ends after the 10th round of attack.
  • When the reinforcements of the player and allies exist at the same time, their troops remain independent, and the buffs will not stack.
  • Dragon Hearts(20% Offense)and Glowing Shields(20% Defense)are disabled in battle.mceclip3.png


  • Defeating the Deepsea Corps will be judged as a victory.
  • The battle with the Deepsea Corps is a real battle, that your troops may have casualties. Please pay attention to the configuration of the Deepsea Corps each round and assign your troops accordingly. The event ends at 24:00 (UTC), and all troops stationed at the Alliance Turret will be dismissed.


(4)The Rule of Shield


  • Players can enhance the defense of the stationed troops by buying shields in the Deepsea Corps event. The damage caused by the Deepsea Corps will be first deducted by the shield.
  • Players can increase individual shield points by purchasing the refined shield
  • Players can increase the shield points of everyone in the Alliance by purchasing the glory shield.
  • The price of the refined shield will rise according to purchase times, and will remain at the max price; The price of the glory shield has a fixed price.
  • The shield points of the individual and the Alliance will be cleared at the end of the current event period.


  • Players can earn points by station and reinforcement in the event. Can only earn points with a defensive victory.
  • Players gain 200 points with each defensive victory. Allies get 40 points if the defensive victory is joined by Allies’ reinforcement.
  • The Alliance points are the sum of all the points of every player who joins the event. The Alliance point is the basis for issuing the Alliance Leaderboard at the end of the event.
  • Personal Points Progress Reward: During the event, there will be multiple levels of personal points reaching standard rewards. Rewards will be issued immediately when progress is reached.
  • Alliance Points Reward: At the end of the event, according to the league total points ranking of each division, each ally who has participated in the Deepsea Corps events will be awarded a reward (personal points must be greater than 1).

Alliance Restriction

  • Alliance Restriction: In the registration phase, voted players cannot quit the Alliance and cannot be kicked. On the day of the official start phase, all players cannot quit the Alliance and cannot be kicked.        
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