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Dragon Slayer Follow

Google doc example: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YWZBfd_VtI5ITdXvscg4fdj-lJ1y7bJALDaWjVeBbko/edit#gid=1163701899



This dragon flies around the map so players need to find its location and attack it (very tedious). When the dragon is found, there will be an automated message sent to all players in global chat with the coordinates. 


Enter the coordinates and start hitting the dragon.


Take note of the dragon’s life. If the dragon is killed before your march arrives, the attack wouldn’t count and you would end up attacking the tile where the dragon was located. 


The coordinates in the event center will change as soon as you attack the dragon. 


This will revert back to 400,400 coordinates (default) when the dragon is killed.

Sample battle report when the attack is successful. Score should immediately update in the event center.