Dragon Slayer.


This dragon flies around the map so players need to find its location and attack it (very tedious). When the dragon is found, there will be an automated message sent to all players in global chat with the coordinates. 


Enter the coordinates and start hitting the dragon.


Take note of the dragon’s life. If the dragon is killed before your march arrives, the attack wouldn’t count and you would end up attacking the tile where the dragon was located. 


The coordinates in the event center will change as soon as you attack the dragon. 


This will revert back to 400,400 coordinates (default) when the dragon is killed.

Sample battle report when the attack is successful. Score should immediately update in the event center. 




Q: How do I get scores in this event?

A: Damages to all dragons in one event will count together in event center. Also first attack/kill/greatest damage on one dragon will give you bonus scores


Q: I followed the flying creature but didn't find it becoming attackable!

A: The dragon flies over the map in random directions when you hunt it's nest, do not chase it while searching.


Q: I saw the message in gc showing "dragon emerged in XXX", but what is the range?

A: There are 16 square areas on the map, each of which is 200x200 in size. You can use random migration to that plot, and then use your city coordinates to calculate the area of the area. For example, if you are at (572,36), the range of your area is x:401-600 y:1-200


Q: What if I forgot the coordinate of dragon when I go back to my city?

A: once you found the dragon, the position button in your event board will update, but if that dragon dies the button will reset to (400,400) until you find the new one


Q: We didn't see new messages about new dragon when the first was taken down.

A: There is a refresh period between two dragons, if you click on first dragon's body you can see the count down. In that period you can speed troops for the first dragon directly by hourglasses


Q: A march I sent to the dragon went missing I can't speed it nor use the hero leading it.

A: It's an display issue that we are still looking into, by now you can try:1. restart the game 2.send another troop to force refresh the march zone 3. wait until the march arrives.


Q: I wasn't online when emerge/ first attack message was sent in gc, will they appear again?

A: There could be more than one dragon appear in one event, to avoid misunderstandings, these messages will only be sent once, but we can always ask a helpful friend?


Tyrant Mode

In Tyrant Mode the dragon won’t hide when appearing, it will claim a territory that prevents cities from moving in, meanwhile our wizard is able to detect its location, he will send the position from the event board and mark the occupied area with a darker color on the world map, or even cast an enchantment to help you fight it.


Q: My city is inside the dragon's forbidden zone when it appeared, do I need to move out?

A: No, you can send troops from that city.


Q: I had a dragon buff when I send this march but it didn't take effect.

A: Dragon buff affects your battles to the dragon in its active period, which means only the buff that is activated when the battle is happening will take effect, it is not necessary to have a buff when setting off.


Q: How can I check which march is using which buff?

A: When a buff is actived on your buff wheel borad, all marches from all your cities that arrive and battle the dragon will be effected by it.


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