Various Wheels.







Various Wheels:

Terrwyn’s Circle of Fate

  1. Terrwyn’s Circle of Fate is one of the several wheels you can find in Elves vs. Dwarves.

  2. In order to play this event, you first need to tap on the wheel icon on the left side of your screen while the event is online. Please, make sure to do this before the time runs out. If you’re not sure, refresh your game.

  3. Next, you will be able to see Terrwyn's Circle of Fate. By clicking [Use] on the center, you will consume 1 x Token, that grants you the chance to Spin the wheel once.

  4. Once you spin the wheel, you’ll get a prize, which will be placed in your inventory. You can keep spinning the wheel to win more prizes if you want, but keep in mind that an extra token will be consumed for each extra spin.

  5. You may notice that one of the prizes on the wheel is a Key. Collect five Keys to win the Jackpot. The Jackpot, once obtained, grants you the Grand Prize!

Good luck!

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