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Mania Events (Collection Events) Follow

These events are usually named for holidays: Valentine, New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter.

There are usually these versions of the event in the Event board:

_____ Indi 

_____ Alli

_____ Indi XW (A)

_____ AXW (A) (for alliance)


Check the sample below: 






When XW is in events it means it is across worlds and worlds.  World Vs. World and servers with the same configuration are usually paired. 



To score a point you must collect a certain item based on the event description. 

An example in this mania you must collect an item called The Promise. Whenever there is a collection mania event, the required item (in this case The Promise) will be made available as rewards in other events. 



Alternatively, players can acquire it from wheel chests by using wheel tokens. 


If you have multiple tokens and don't want to spend your time spinning the wheel repeatedly you can exchange large numbers of tokens for portable wheels. This can be done in the Sage’s Tower. 



Keep in mind each portable wheel has a unique ID and is tied to a mania event. It’s possible that the portable wheel you open done the line was acquired from previous mania which explains the old items.