Ancient Battlefield FAQ.

Activity entrance

● Entrance: event icon, bulletin board



2. Activity process

(1) Overview of activities

mceclip2.png(Mini map)


● The system will match two alliances with equal strengths on the server, and play against the red and blue camps in the new map. The maximum time for a single battle is 90 minutes.
● The map is divided into three fronts: upper, middle, and lower. Each front has an inner tower, a middle tower, and an outer tower according to the distance from your own castle.
● The player’s birthplace after entering the scene is near his castle, and there is 5 minutes of preparation time after the game starts
● Take a single battle line as an example. Players need to occupy the enemy's defense tower in order of outer, middle, and inner. For the first time or continue to occupy the enemy's defense tower, they can earn alliance points and personal points.
● Defeating all the defensive forces in the enemy tower can reduce the shield value of the tower. When the shield value drops to 0, it will be considered as breaking the tower and gain control of the tower.
● After gaining control of the tower within a certain enemy front, you can send troops to attack the enemy’s castle
● Can only attack defensive towers, not directly attack the player city of the enemy alliance
● Players can send troops to garrison their own defensive towers to resist the enemy's offensive
● The alliance that takes the lead to break through the enemy’s castle wins the game
(2) Battlefield registration
● Registration time: starting from Phase 1 (preparation for the event), each alliance member can register in the event interface. Registration ends at 0:00 UTC on the last day of the event. Registration is not allowed on the day the event ends.
● Registration operation: multiple competition times are listed in the interface, and players can vote for one of the competition times. Before the results are counted, the voting object can be changed
● Registration results: The registration results are counted at UTC 24:00, and the competition time with the most votes is the competition time of the league. When the number of votes is the same, a competition area will be randomly selected to complete the registration. For alliances that have successfully registered, the registration results cannot be changed.
● Alliance restrictions: Players can create alliances during Phase 1 (match preparation) and Phase 2 (event opening); players without alliances can join the alliance; players with existing alliances cannot withdraw from the current alliance; the leader cannot expel alliance members ; The leader cannot dissolve the alliance
● Unregistered processing: Alliances that have not registered in the pre-opening stage can register after the event is officially opened. They can only participate in the events except the day of registration and the end of the event. Registration is not allowed on the day of the event.
(3) Rules of battle
● Formulation of troops: The combat method is the same as that of traditional combat. The troops used in the game are all generated by the system, not the player’s own troops, and all battles only produce wounded soldiers
● Number of troops: When a player enters the event scene for the first time in a single game, the system will generate the same troops for all participating players, and all players will have the same number of open troops. These troops are only available in the game, and the number of troops will be cleared at the end of the game
● Troop gain: The event interface displays the units available to players in the event scene this season, and displays the player’s current general assignments, unit upgrades, unit evolution, Dragon Soul Temple, Sanctuary Totem and other systems to these units.
● Attack sequence: attack in the order of the outer tower, middle tower, inner tower, and castle of each road, and attack the adjacent enemy defense tower of the outermost defense tower on your side before you can attack the next defense tower and break any inner tower. After the tower, you can attack the castle
● Maximum marching queue: All players can have up to 5 marching queues at the same time in the event
● Use special marching acceleration items in the battlefield to improve marching efficiency
● The outcome of a single battle: 1. Send troops to attack the enemy's defensive tower or castle, defeat all defensive teams in the building, and the attacker wins and the defender loses 2. All the defensive forces in the building defeated the offensive forces, the defensive team wins, and the offensive team loses ● The judgment of the whole game:
1. Before the countdown to a single game ends, the camp that breaks the enemy's castle (reducing the defense value of the enemy's castle to 0) wins and the game ends
2. The countdown to a single game is over, and the castles of both players have not been breached (the castle defense value drops to 0), the winner will be determined based on the alliance points of both parties
3. If both sides have the same alliance points, they will be judged according to the alliance Power, and the higher side is the winner
4. If the league points and league power of this game are the same, then a random side wins
● Troop damage: In the event, the battle damage of all the troops is only the wounded soldiers. You can perform recovery operations in the event scene window. You can purchase accelerated recovery items on the [Props] tab in the scene. There is no upper limit on the capacity of wounded soldiers; wounded dragons require Can continue to be used in the battlefield or city after recovery
(4) Points related
Reward description
● Individual points rewards: After the end of the daily competition period of each league during the event, the rewards of the top n players will be settled and distributed according to the individual points ranking of the competition on the day. The eligibility for the award requires the individual points of the day> 1
● Alliance single-game reward: After the daily competition period of each alliance during the event period, each player participating in the game in the winning alliance will receive a personal reward. To qualify for the award, the individual points of the day are> 1
● Alliance point reward: At the end of the event, it will be used as the basis for the ranking of the alliance among server types. Rewards will be issued at the end of the event. The qualification for the award requires personal points during the event> 1
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