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Campaign High Score Events Follow

Campaign High Score (CHS)

Elite Campaign High Score (ECHS)

Special Campaign High Score (SCHS)


These are all the same event but with some nuance. The difference is that, in SCHS your score comes from battling in A Hero’s Adventure, in CHS it comes from the normal campaigns and for ECHS it’s from Elite campaigns.


Same with other events, details, rankings and scores can be found in the Event Center


These events are usually  paired with an Alliance based event (Alli SCHS, Alliance Elite CHS, Alliance CHS)


Event description:


How to score a point:


You must battle and win in campaign. 


Please note that only your highest score will be recorded in your points in the Event Center. That said, if you repeatedly attack the same tile, your score will not increase even if you win unless your score is higher than your last attack. 


To further explain. Here you can see that I scored 138,939. 


I attacked the same tile and failed to score higher. The result, my score remained at 138,939.

I attacked again and this time I successfully beat my previous record. So my score changed from 138,939 to 157,204.