Arena League FAQ.


1. Event entrance

  • Entrance: Event icon, Information Board


2. Event process

(1) Overview

  • The event is divided into two parts: the single-realm solo Arena qualifiers and the cross-realm solo Arena tournament, which take the form of automatic combat.
  • The Arena League lasts 7 days, with 2 days of single-realm qualifiers and 5 days of cross-realm tournament.
  • Realms are divided into groups by design. Qualified players from each group will advance to the next stage, cross-realm tournament, where they will compete for the league champion by going through a group stage and a knockout stage.

(2) Qualifiers

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Realm Limit: Local
  • Group rules: Realms will be randomly grouped together. The winners in each realm will advance to cross-realm tournament after the qualifiers are over.

(3) Tournament


  • Duration: 5 days. Each day features a round, from the round of 32, round of 16, round of 8 all the way to the grand final.
  • Match start time: The first set of matches will start simultaneously as per event configuration.
  • Match interval: 50 minutes per set during the round of 32.

3. Battle rules

  • Combat mode: The same as Arena, auto combat is used with no actual loss.
  • Battle duration: Each match is 10 minutes long, and the panel shows the corresponding countdown.
  • Initial lineups: The contestants' initial lineups are based on their Arena lineups in their own realms.
  • Lineups configuration: You can change your lineup before the match starts. Your Generals, dragons, and troops in the match are copied from your own realm, yet they are mutually independent.
  • Match-to-match lineups: You can have different lineups for all 3 sets of matches during the round of 32..
  • Inherited lineups: If the lineup for the upcoming match is not changed, the lineup configuration from the previous match will be used.
  • Line-up restrictions: The lineup for this match cannot be replaced during the battle, and the lineup configuration cannot be replaced for the match that has finished.

4. Prediction rules

(1) Prediction rules

  • All players can predict the result of each match in the Arena League.
  • Of course, you can only predict the results of incoming matches.
  • You can only predict one winner for each match.
  • Contestants are not allowed to predict their own match.

(2) Prediction method


  • Item for Prediction: You must make prediction using League Badges, which may be available from other events, also purchasable with 1 ruby each.
  • Prediction method: Go to Match, tap Vote on the match list at the cost of 1 League Badges.
  • Change your vote: In a single match, switching the vote you have cast doesn't cost additional League Badges.
  • mceclip4.png

4. About Rewards

(1) Ranking Rewards


  • Ranking rewards: At the end of the event, players will be rewarded according to their ranking.
  • Issuing rewards: Rewards are sent to your inventory with an in-game mail notification.
  • Ranking scales: 1st ~ 32nd in each group

(2) Prediction rewards


  • Single prediction: After voting for a player in a match, if the player wins at the end of the match, the voter will be rewarded immediately and this will count towards the voter's successful prediction meter. (Can be claimed repeatedly)
  • Cumulative prediction: Cumulative successful predictions will grant you multiple tiers of rewards (only once per tier).
  • Issuing rewards: Rewards are sent to your inventory with an in-game mail notification after the match you voted in has ended.


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