Legacy Exploration FAQ.


1. Entrance of the Legacy Exploration event


  • Entrance 1: In city view; tap on the new building (originally Dragon Domination building).
  • Entrance 2: Event icon; tap the event map icon, the event countdown will be displayed together.
  • Entrance 3: Bulletin bar; tap the corresponding event icon on the bulletin board to enter the event.

2. Core gameplay of Legacy Exploration

  • Step 1: Get treasure map scraps by attacking the wild boss or receive them from Alliance members.
  • Step 2: Create a complete treasure map to unlock a treasure near your city.
  • Step 3: Send troops to retrieve the treasures and win rewards.

3. How to get treasure map scraps by attacking wild bosses


  • Find wild boss icons near your city and send troops to attack.
  • Each attack on the wild boss can grant some random shard and other rewards.
  • There is a limit to the number of attacks you can perform each day and it will be displayed on the appropriate page.

4. How to get treasure map scraps by seeking help from Alliance members


  • Go to the Treasure Map event page, tap the view button in the lower right corner of any debris icon, then tap request in the pop-up window.
  • You can view your requests in Chat -> Help -> Treasure Map.
  • Once the Alliance donation is successful, you will receive a system mail.


  • You need at least one shard to make a request to an Alliance member.
  • The request cooldown time for the same shard quality is 90s.
  • The maximum number of donations per player per day is 5, reset at UTC 00:00.

5. How to donate treasure map scraps to Alliance member


  • View requests from Alliance members in Chat -> Help -> Treasure Map.
  • After tapping a request for information, if you have the corresponding shards, you can donate them.
  • After the donation is successful, the requesting player will receive the shards in question together with a system mail.

6. How to open the treasure map


  • Gather map scraps. You need scrap 1-4 for a purple map, and 1-5 for an orange one.
  • Tap any set of map scraps to craft and open a complete treasure map.


  • Once the treasure map is craft, it can be opened within 24 hours, and will disappear after this period.
  • When you open a treasure map, a treasure will appear near your city.


  • Send troops to explore the treasure. You can send troops to explore the treasure within 4 hours of the opening of a treasure map. A treasure will disappear if it remains unexplored after its validity. If the treasure disappears when there are troops marching, the march will be automatically turned back.


  • A purple treasure takes 30 minutes to explore, getting a Pearl Mussel per second to a maximum of 1,800.
  • A orange treasure takes 50 minutes to explore, getting a Pearl Mussel per second to a maximum of 3,000.
  • Once you get enough Pearl Mussels, you can redeem them for rewards in Treasure Map -> Redemption page!

7. Can other players see my treasure while I’m exploring it?

  • Once the treasure is opened, other players can see it, and you can send troops to explore your treasure.
  • If an open but unexplored treasure is attacked by the enemy, the enemy will only bring back 10% of the treasure's reserves at the time, but they cannot occupy your treasure.
  • If your treasure is attacked while you’re exploring and you lose, your troops will be turned back with 50% of the collected Pearl Mussels at the time of attack, and your enemy will have the other 50%.
  • After being attacked 3 times by the enemy, the treasure will collapse, reducing the reserves by 50% according to the current amount of remaining Pearl Mussel.
  • You will still be able to collect Pearl Mussels from previously collapsed or explored treasures as long as there are still Pearl Mussels left.

8. Legacy Exploration - Alliance Points

  • Each Pearl Mussel you bring back to your city will add 1 point to your Alliance.
  • Players without Alliance can explore the treasure, but can not ask for scraps. Their Pearl Mussels can only be used to redeem for items, there will be no Alliance points
  • Quitting your Alliance during the event will erase your personal score but your contribution to your Alliance will remain.
  • Alliance ranking rewards will be sent by mail after the end of event. The reward is only available for members who are still in a given Alliance at that time and have contributed at least 1 point.

9. After the event

  • Only the revealed treasures can continue to be explored in the final exhibition phase of the event, and the remaining scraps and unused treasure maps will be removed.
  • Unexplored treasures will remain until the end of its validity.
  • Treasures under exploration will remain until the end of the exploration.
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