How does Gear work?.

Heroes will be able to equip gear to increase their stats in battle. Increase the power of your hero and gain boosts by obtaining, strengthening, forging and embedding gear!

Where do I find gear?
Gear is available as a reward from:

  • Campaign map quests
  • Goblin Caverns
  • Events
  • Premium Chance
  • Terrwyn's Wheel or any wheel
  • By Trade in Sage Tower

Collect orc ears, armor scraps, and erebor coins to exchange them in your Sage's Tower for items and chests.

To equip new pieces of gear or modify them, go to your great hall and tap on "Heroes". Select the hero you wish to upgrade and tap on "Equip" to access the equipment tab.

How do I equip gear?
You equip gear by double tapping or dragging (hold and drag) the item to your hero. You unequip gear by double tapping or dragging the item back to the list.

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