Each LT can equip a specific number of Insignias based on the LT's rarity and star level


There are four rarities of Insignia's - common, uncommon, rare and epic


Each Insignia will have one main stat and several sub stats (based on rarity of the Insignia)


Each Insignia can be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 15. Each level gained will increase the Insignia's main stat. At Levels 5, 10, and 15 the Insignia's sub-stats will increase as well


In order to upgrade Insignias, players use cash and alloy to attempt to upgrade the Insignia. The cost to upgrade an Insignia will increase based on its rarity and current level


Players can sell Insignias in order to obtain more cash and alloy


Alloy can be obtained through doing job or Boss fights. Insignias can be obtained from bosses and through the tech lab


There are multiple different types of Insignias. Each of these Insignias will have one main stat and a set group of sub-stats it can potentially spawn with. Infinity Insignias can spawn with any of the main stats and a wider group of sub-stats.


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