Ruby Mine Offer: Where are my free rubies?.

What purchases qualify for this promo?

To participate from this offer, you will need to access the ruby mine and make the purchase there. Regular ruby purchases do not qualify for the free 5 or 10 rubies a day.

Access the ruby mine by clicking on the floating ruby in your city.

Select one of the qualifying ruby packages and purchase it.

Refreshing your promotion

While the promo will be available for purchase, remember that you cannot refresh the promotion until you have 5 days left in your counter. If you re-purchase the same promo before this point, it will not renew the free gems.

Once you reach the 5 day period, you will be allowed to renew the offer for another 30 days, adding 30 days to your daily-free-ruby counter, and granting you a one time bonus of rubies for refreshing the promotion.

This one time bonus depends on how fast you renew the offer.

5 days remaining: 10% bonus
4 days remaining: 8% bonus
3 days remaining: 6% bonus
2 days remaining: 4% bonus
1 day remaining: 2% bonus

Can I purchase two offers at once?

Yes. You can purchase 240 and 1600 rubies separately and the bonuses will stack.

I logged in today but I didn't get the free rubies. Why?

You will need to manually claim the bonus every day. The promotion will not add the free rubies to your account automatically.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.