How to use the Armory.

The armory will allow you to upgrade your troops. To do this, you will need to unlock them with the right key.

How do I unlock my troops?
Enter your armory to select the troops you wish to unlock. Make sure that you meet all requirements and tap on “Unlock”. This will make the troops available in your garrison.

Where do I find the key?
Players can acquire amulets and stones from Anthropus Camps. Amulets are used to create keys which unlock your troops in the armory. There are different keys for different troop ranks. Make sure that you craft the correct key with your materials.

You can find more information about Keys [here].

How do I upgrade my troops?
Once you have unlocked the troop type, you will be able to upgrade it with stones. With every level gained, your troops will become more powerful, increasing their effectiveness in battle.

Start the upgrade by going to your armory and selecting the troop type you wish to upgrade. Open the troop panel and tap on “Enhance”. You will be able to spin 1x, 5x, or 10x at once. This will consume some stones and gold from your inventory.

The amount of experience received from each upgrade depends on luck. However, you can use pool multipliers to improve the results of each spin. Tap on each multiplier to activate it.

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