What is Idle Population?.

Idle Population refers to the number of residents that are not employed in your city. Although not working, they still contribute tax to the City and they are used to train new Troops.

When your Idle Population is negative, it means that you do not have enough population to man all of your resources and Troops. As a consequence, your resource production will be reduced until you increase your population. You will not be able to train troops with a negative Idle Population.

How do I increase Population?

To increase your general Population:

  • Create or Upgrade Homes to increase the Population Limit
  • Lower your Tax Rate to attract more people to your city. Take into consideration that once positive conditions are met, Population returns slowly.
  • Population can be instantly added with some special game items, such as Fertile Winds.

To adjust your taxes go to your Castle and tap on “Overview” > Modify the Tax Rate and tap on the “Change Tax Rate” button.

Make sure that you balance your population and tax rate correctly!

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