Surveying Wilds.

The Survey feature will be unlocked at Level 15. Once you conquer a Resource Wild, it will be available for Survey, as long as you have Troops encamped there. There is a limit of 5 Surveys per City, and only Hills, Mountains, Grasslands, and Woods can be surveyed.

To start a Survey, go to your Wild, and tap on “View Troops”.

Select your Troops and tap on “Survey”. This will start the exploration process. Please remember that a Survey takes time and you will be vulnerable to attacks.

Once the Survey has been finished, go back to your Wild, tap on “View Troops”, and access the Knight. You should see the “Collect” button. Tap on “Collect” and choose your treasure chest option.

Opening a Treasure Chest with a
Gemcutter’s Assay increases the chance of getting rare Jewels from it. Remember that the Level and rarity of the Jewel will also depend on the Level of the Chest.

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