Protecting your City.

There are different items and mechanisms in the game, to keep your City, Troops and Resources protected.

Hiding your Troops
You can hide your Troops from enemy attacks to prevent Troop loss. To do this, go to your Castle, select “Defense“ and make sure that the switch is turned “On”.

You can also see the status of your cities by tapping on the City Overview button. You can find this in your City View, up in the middle of the screen.

This will open a list of your available Cities and the status.

If an Attack is already en route to your City, you will not be able to switch your Defense from “Off” to “On” in time.

Doves of Peace
You can find different Doves of Peace in the game. To activate them, just go to your Buff information > Tap on the Peacetime tab and activate your Dove.

Doves of Peace will not prevent an attack if the march was already underway before the application.

Once enabled, a new march will receive the message: “Your pardon, Knight. The target is under Beginner Protection or Truce, which prevents us from attacking or scouting it.”

Guest accounts have Beginner's Protection the same as any other account, when first established. This lasts for 7 days, or until the Keep is level 5, whichever comes first.

Is there a cool-down on Doves of Peace?
Yes, Doves will have a cool-down equivalent to the time length of the item. For example, if you use a 12 Hour Dove, there will be a 12 Hour cool-down until you can user another one.

All Resources except Gold can be stored and protected by your Storehouse. You will need to level up your Storehouse to increase the capacity of your storage. You can also research “Shrinking Powder” in the Alchemy Lab to expand it.

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