How to Join/Create an Alliance.

To join an Alliance, you have to first build an Embassy.

After this, go to the menu on the bottom of your main screen and tap on “Alliance”. You will have the option to join an existing Alliance or create a new one.

If you decide to join an Alliance:

  • Tap on “Join Alliance

  • This will bring up a list of recommended Alliances and allow you to browse through the list of all existing Alliances

  • Choose the Alliance you want to join and tap on “Request to Join

  • A notification will be sent to the Officers of the Alliance and they will decide to accept or decline your request.

If you decide to create a new Alliance:

  • Tap on “Create Alliance

  • You will then be asked to enter an Alliance Name and a description

  • Enter the Name and Description and tap on “Create An Alliance”, and you can start recruiting players to grow your Alliance!

Once you join or create an Alliance you will be able access different Alliance tabs:

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