Beginners’ Guide: Generals.

Generals command your troops, provide essential buffs to your city and army, and help you gather resources.

General cards can be upgraded, evolved, and assigned in your officer’s quarters. Check this forum thread for more information.

General cards and inventory

To open your Inventory, go to your officer’s quarters, and open the Generals Tab. Tapping on every individual card will bring up more information.

How to read the card

Assign Skills

Assign skills will only be active if the general is assigned to a Faction slot in the "Assign" tab. Assign skills are always active until the general is no longer assigned.

How to recruit them

Generals can be recruited in 3 different ways:

  1. Recruit 11 Generals: Recruit 10 and receive the 11th general free! Your free general is guaranteed 3* up to 5*
  2. Recruit 1 General: Recruit a general to lead your armies and strengthen your city! With a chance to hire a Legendary 5* general
  3. Daily Free Recruit: Upgrade your Office Quarters to increase the amount of generals you can recruit every day for free!
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