Deconstructing or Destroying Buildings.

To erase a Building from your City, you can Deconstruct or Destroy it. However, please notice that your Building queue must be empty.

Tapping on “Deconstruct” will slowly dismantle your Building. You will be able to see the time left to finish the Deconstruction in your Building bar. Once it is done, the Building will be erased.

If you change your mind and decide that you do not wish to erase that Building, you will be able to cancel the action. Just tap on the Building, select “Cancel”, and “Confirm”.

To instantly erase your Building from your City, tap on “Destroy”. This will consume a Dragon’s Stomp. Please note that Level 1 (one) Buildings cannot be Destroyed, they can only be Deconstructed.

I can’t Deconstruct or Destroy some Buildings. Why?
The following Buildings cannot be Deconstructed or Destroyed due to their importance:

  • Castle
  • Knight's Hall
  • Rally Point
  • Watch Tower
  • Round Tower

NOTE: The Embassy cannot be Deconstructed or Destroyed while you are in an Alliance. The same goes for Barracks while Troops are in the Training queue.

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