Goblin Camps (Sometimes called Goblin Caverns).

Campaign mode is a new addition, featured in Version 7.0.0+ of the game, and 

it is needed to unlock many cool new items and features found in this game.  

When playing campaign mode for the first time, the experience is very similar

to that of attacking Goblin Camps. Here you must defeat all the Goblins and  

their armies to unlock artifacts, which are needed to permanently strengthen 

your city's Attack and Defense Stats. In this guide, we will walk you through

the process of completing each Campaign Quest. If you attack the final cave  

at the end of each map at the correct time, you will win a key that will     

allow you to move on to the next area of the map. The prizes you can win from

each cave are: Precious Metals, Rare Gems, Bilbo's Hourglasses and Forge     



When scouting a Goblin Camp or Wild you will never be shown the amount of resources you will gain from attacking it, regardless of what level Far Seeing you have.


A good way to get high level heroes is to attack goblin camps with 1 militia, nothing else, and you get defeated, and you earn 10XP. When your hero is about lvl.10, you can put him in production. If you are going to train traps for might, because they are very high in might, train at least 1000 as a precaution to scare people away. But most of the time, people will just risk it anyway. Happy Building!



Season 2 example:

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