Events: Atlantis Overwatch.
Atlantis Overwatch is an event centred around your dragons. In this, you battle players in your realm to earn coins required to buy prizes of your choosing and also earn awesome rewards based on your final ranking! You can enter the Overwatch "battle hall" by tapping on the icon shown in the drop down box via city view.
Your goal and how to compete: The aim in Atlantis Overwatch is to use your dragons to defeat the enemy fortress. Although, to do so, you need to defeat, at least one, of the enemy's outposts. All players will have 5 minutes to win or lose. It is also an option to forfeit at any moment, by tapping the "end" button. There is 10 free challenges a day. When you have used your challenges, you will be charged rubies or battle tokens to continue. When a battle is activated, you will be required to assemble a team for offense, by using 3 of your dragons, for EACH attack. Similar to the defender, you CAN NOT reuse dragons from an earlier attack in this battle. For example; if you use your great dragon to defeat an outpost, you can not reuse your great dragon for the rest of that battle. When the battle is over, you can start a new battle, in which you can use your dragons once more. Please note that your dragons take no injuries from battles.
The outposts, however, are shrouded in a mist, hindering our ability to see the enemy's defending dragons. Luckily, you can remove the mists by using 5 rubies, each, or by attacking the outpost. It is recommended that you use your weakest dragon to see what is on the outpost and react accordingly. BUT be careful doing this, as if you lose a fight twice or run out of available dragons, you will lose the battle.
Defender: Like your opponents, you have defend too. This involves creating your own defending teams for your fortress and two outposts. We strongly recommend you use your best dragons on your fortress. To create a defending team, just tap on the blue "defender" button located in the "battle hall". You will be asked to create a team of three dragons, each, for your fortress, and two outposts. You can not use the same dragon twice for these teams. Once you have slotted 9, or less, dragons into your overwatch buildings, they will defend against attacking players. You will have 24 hours before battles start to create your defending teams.
Dragon Tasks: When you first open Atlantis Overwatch, via the icon, a list of "dragon tasks" will pop up. These challenges give you the chance to earn lots of extra FREE coins. Players can have a total of THREE tasks open at once, however, if the player does not like a(the) challenge(s), they can refresh them individually. Up to 5 refreshes are free and more can be bought using increasingly more rubies. There are plenty of different tasks and there's also a variety of difficulties. Once they are completed, they will not reset or change until the next day/next server reset. You can NOT 'fail' these challenges, you can either complete them, or not. They are optional. Dragon tasks come in three different difficulties. 1, 2 and 3*. Each contains harder, but more rewarding challenges. Not only do these individual tasks give you silver or gold coins upon completion, but you are also rewarded an extra 150 silver coins if you complete all 3! All challenges and completion bonuses are refreshed following server reset. It's recommended that players look carefully at their challenges and make sure they can complete all 3. Even if they are not the tasks the player wants, the extra 150 coins, daily, is worth a lot.
Coins, The Shop and The Privilege Card: Coins are used as a currency in the overwatch store. There are two types of coins; the 1st is silver coins, these are the basic coins everyone can acquire and use on the basic store. The 2nd type is gold coins, these are for people with the privilege card and can be used in the "premium" store for even better rewards! Please note that if you get the privilege card, you will still acquire silver coins as well as gold coins. The privilege card is a buyable addition to overwatch. The privilege card enables people to earn the exclusive GOLDEN coins, these coins can be acquired in the same way as the silver coins; through certain dragon tasks and in battles. They can be used in the premium store for awesome prizes. It costs 500 rubies and lasts for the current season of Overwatch. You will have to buy it again next overwatch, If you choose to. Coins do NOT carry over from previous Overwatch events. You can earn coins by defeating enemy buildings and completing dragon tasks. You get 5 coins per outpost defeated and 20 coins for defeating the fortress. If you lose an attack on the outposts, you get 1 coin. If you lose an attack on the fortress, you get 2 coins. The Atlantis Overwatch store can be found alongside the "battle hall, ranking and history" tabs. It has many useful prizes to be used in game. Gold tokens, essence of fury and dragon food being some of them! You will have 24 hours once the battles are over to use your coins
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