Colosseum Information.

【Time】10:00-13:00 & 20:00-23:00. During this time, you can join the battle multiple times.

【Matchmaking】You can choose Random Team or Set Team to search for other players. We will arrange similar-tier opponents for you. The search will stop if no opponent has been found for 10 minutes.

【Battle】5v5 battle is similar to 10v10. You have 10 tokens when you enter the battle and the amount restores by 5 every 2 minutes. The maximum time of each battle is 20 minutes.

【Anti-botting】If a player hasn't spent any tokens during a battle, they won't get Honor points and Colosseum points upon victory but will lose Colosseum points upon defeat.

【Reward】You will earn 10 Colosseum points when you win, and lose 10 Colosseum points when you fail. Every time you gain 100 Colosseum points, they will be converted into 1 star, conversely, you will lose 1 star when your Colosseum points fall below 0. After winning 50 battles, the Colosseum points you gained will be reduced.

【Season Reward】After the end of the season, players will earn a reward based on their highest tier. The top 100 players will receive an extra reward.

【Tier】Player starts from Bronze Ⅲ. Tiers include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Gladiator, from low to high.

【Honor Point】You can exchange Honor Points for rewards in Shop.

Bronze 150 90 3600
Silver 200 120 4800
Gold 250 150 6000
Platinum 300 180 7200
Diamond 350 210 8400
Gladiator 450 270 10800
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