World Migration.

World Migration allows you to migrate your account and progress from one world to another.

Migration Conditions

1. You can't migrate to a World where you have an existing account.
2. You own the Portal Deeds required for migration. The number of Portal Deeds needed depends on your Might Rank in the new World, the higher your rank, the more Portal Deeds you’ll need.
3. You are out of 7-day migration cool down time.
4. You have enough empty Plains in the Target World.
5. Your Lord in the current World isn't in an Alliance, or your Alliance only has a single member.
6. Your Lord in the current World doesn't have a March outside the City.
7. Your Lord in the current World hasn't conquered any Wilds.
8. The daily migration max has not been reached.
9. Player level is more than 70.
10. You are not participating in an active Grail War.
11. Your email has been bound to your account.

Migration Process

1. Migration requests are added to a queue. Once in the queue you cannot participate in the game until migration is complete or you cancel migration. The system will protect your cities unless these cities are deleted, or you cancel migration.
2. The migration queue will be processed at UTC 18:30 on daily basis.
3. You can cancel your place in the queue any time before UTC 18:30 for free. If you decide to cancel, 1 Portal Deed is kept by the system and your remaining Portal Deeds are returned.

Migration Details:

1. You can take no more than 10,000 World Gems to the new World.
2. You may take a limited number of Resources and Brave Hearts depending on your Storehouse level.
3. Receive 1 Merlin's Cloak for player renaming.
4. Receive Renaming Celebration(s) for city renaming.
5. Your score in current events does not transfer to the new World.
6. Messages and Reports aren’t taken to the new World.

After Successful Migration

You will not be able to access your original World for 7 days. After 7 days, your account and resources in the original World will be deleted, and you can access the original World to create a new account.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.