World Boss Rules.

1. What are World Bosses?
World Bosses are Multiplayer Bosses where all attackers get rewards.

2. Where to find World Bosses?
There are two types of them.
a. Normal Bosses
A special dungeon will open during the World Boss event, where Normal World Bosses can be found.
Defeat Normal World Bosses to get Normal chests that contain random numbers of Boss Card Shards.

b. Depths Bosses
Click "Boss" button to enter the Abyss, use Depths Tickets to challenge Depths Bosses. You can get Depths Tickets from daily login rewards once every two days. This ticket can also be found in the shop.
Defeat Depths World Bosses to get Depths chests that may contain whole Boss cards, random numbers of Boss Card Shards, World Gems, Awakening materials, or normal potions.

If you have unearthed a Boss, you cannot unearth a new one, by discovering or using Depths Tickets, before the current one is defeated.
It consumes Spirit to fight Bosses. Normal ones consume 90 and Depths ones consume 180. You must have enough Spirit to start the fight.

3. How to invite others to the fight?
Once you have unearthed a Boss, you need to fight the Boss once before you announce it.
Tap "Announce" to share the Boss to Guild or World. Send the Boss password to your friend if you want to invite them specifically.

4. How to join other people's fight?
You can view Boss fights announced by others on "Announce to Guild" or "Announce to World". Attempts are unlimited.
You can view up to 5 Bosses alive on the board. Refresh to change the content.
You can search for Boss password to join unannounced fights. Tap "Search" and enter the digit password.
Bosses which you have fought and are still alive are listed in "Battles joined" tab. You can participate in up to 3 fights at any one time.

5. How does the multiplayer fight work?
By the order of arrival, all participants fight the Boss one by one. Once the battle report is out, the next fight will start.
Up to 3 players can queue for the same Boss. You can leave the queue after you have waited for more than 7 seconds.

6. How are rewards calculated?
Tap the "Rewards" button to view the last 50 Bosses you have contributed to taking down.
All players involved will win a chest. There is one bonus chest for the player who dealt the most damage and the player who unearthed the Boss. A player can win up to 3 chests from a single takedown.
If more than one player have dealt the most damage, the one with the fewest challenges will be chosen. If more than one player have the fewest challenges, the player who performed the killing blow will be chosen.

7. What will I get if I'm placed on the leaderboard?
There are three kinds of ranking rewards: Total Boss Kills, Total Chests (Solo), and Total Chests (Guild).
Ranking rewards will be sent via mail.

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