Ruby Mine.

Please find below some information how the ruby mine works:

1. Each account receives 1 FREE Ruby per day for the first 30 days.

2. All bonus Rubies need to be claimed manually by tapping on the Ruby symbol in the city view right next to the Fortress.

3. Once you have made any Ruby purchase you are eligible to receive 1 FREE Ruby per day, and get additional Building & Training queues. Direct purchases are not included in this offer.

4. After you have purchased the 240 OR 1600 Ruby package, you are able to receive more FREE Rubies every day for 30 days. And add one more Construction & Training queue for 30 days. If you purchase both packages you are able to receive multiple Construction & Training queues.

5. Renew a purchase of a 240 or 1600 Ruby package on the day it expires, or up to 5 days before it expires to receive extra Rubies immediately. Renew your purchase earlier to receive more bonus Rubies: 2% extra Rubies per day, the earlier you renew. 

Note: If you purchase a 240 or 1600 Ruby package 6 days before it exprires you won't be eligible to a new Ruby Mine

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