Some extra tips for Raid Bosses.

Some extra tips for Raid Bosses

1. All participants will be ranked by their damage dealt to the currect boss.

2. All participants will be divided into THREE groups (20%/20%-60%/60%-100%, from top to bottom).

3. Rewards will be given when all players in a group have rolled their numbers. Your will automatically roll a number if you don't do it yourself in 15 minutes.

4. Rewards may differ depending on whether the boss has been taken down, how much HP the boss has left, and which group you are in.



Why the roll?

While basic rewards are the same across the whole group, the higher you roll, the more bonuses you will get.

How do I know which group I'm in?

Your group depends on where your rank lies: before 20%, between 20% and 60%, or after 60%.

What if the dividing rank is not an integer?

Floating--point numbers will be rounded up. For example, if 16 players are on the list, the dividing rank for the first 20% should be 4, which is 3.2 (from 16*0.2) rounded up. In this manner, the second dividing rank should be 10, which is 9.6 (from 16*0.6) rounded up. Therefore, rank 1-4 are group A, 5-10 are group B, 11-16 are group C.

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